Friday, November 30, 2007

18 Months!

18 months since we had our paperwork logged in, next month it will be 2 years since we applied with our agency to adopt. Would I do again? In a heart beat, I just would have done it sooner had I known;) Really, the past 18 months have moved along pretty quickly, mostly we just really want to hold our daughter and share our life and what we do with her. Sigh!!! Here's to hoping we are at least at the halfway mark!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

17 Months, WOW!

WOw, that pretty much sums it up. We have been waiting for our referral for 17 months, 1 week. I never in my wildest imagination thought it would take this long. The families in the latest batch of referrals have waited 22 months, I think we will wait considerably longer than that.

We had a great Halloween this year, A dressed as Lily from Hannah Montana, LL was a 50's girl and M was a dalmation. The weather was great and the kids got lots of great candy, I of course had to sample a few pieces just to make sure!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ten months & a whole lotta snow!

Well the end of March ushered in our 10 month LID anniversary as well as 24" of snow! We had 3 days of wet sloppy snow, followed by 2 days of sunshine and now more snow. I think someone needs to tell the weather that it is officially spring in Montana. Oh well, we need the moisture. I hope you enjoy the photos of the girls in the snow, they had fun playing queen of the mountain.

Well as usual no news on the adoption front, just that we hope we are at least half way to our sweet little one. I guess time will tell.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yes, we are still waiting!

I have not been as good about this journal as I should. I am also keeping a written journal with my more private thoughts, not doing so well with that one either. We are approaching 9 months of waiting. If we had chosen the more traditional method of adding to our family we would be expecting our child any day. I read the other day that an elephant has the gestation period of 22 months, I think we will be able to relate to that in this process. We are nearly 14 months from our date of application and approval. Time really has gone fast, we are so blessed to have our girls and enjoy them so much.

M seems to be having the most difficutly with the wait. She has been very patient, but at 4 1/2 it is diffucult to understand why she isn't here. She prayes each night at dinner that we will get on the plane to get her baby from China tonight!!

We are estimating that we are about 1/2 way through the wait. If so there is a good chance our daughter is born or is about to be born. Time will tell.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Referral News & 7 Months

Referrals are out today, China referred the LID's of September 9th to September 27th. I have a little spread sheet that I plug in referral statistics just to keep me sane. My rough calculations put us at 14 more months, I really hope not. But, that is where the numbers are at right now. That would give us a 21 Month wait, a very sobering number. Add in the nearly 6 months of paperchasing before our LID and that gives you 27 months. I know in my heart of hearts that it will all be worth it. We just have to keep the faith that it will speed up. I was thinkging the other day that we are now working on 8 months, if we were 1/2 way through that would be a 16 month wait. What the current wait is. Hmm. I guess time will tell.

On a happier note we do have 7 months in and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful babies that are going to be loved beyond belief. I hope they are united with their forever families very soon.