Thursday, October 26, 2006

Our blog

Thought we would add a blog to our activities. Not like we don't have enough things on our plate!! Ha! No, really we just needed a little more flexiblity than just our baby site. We will keep both, because I really like and it will be easier to have in China!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Our tour of CCAI

We had the opportunity to visit our awesome adoption agency on Octber 20th in Denver. We were in town to visit my cousin Jess, Kurt and their sweet little girl Claire. We wanted to have an opportunity to get photos and meet some of the great people we have worked with so far.
When we arrived and asked for a tour, the receptionist called to have someone come out. As we were waiting Joshua Zhong walked in and asked if he could help. We told him we were waiting for a tour, he replied that HE LOVED TO GIVE TOURS. So we got a very special VIP tour. I have to say they are all wonderfull at CCAI. We were so impressed with every aspect of their facility and staff.
Joshua introduced us to his wife Lily and all the staff in the office. We also were able to say hello and thank Jen for all her help with our dossier. Joshua was so cute, he loved to pose for us and told us in his Chinese accent "You call us every day until you get your baby" We of course just laughed and said we were willing to wait for our little one. If you get the chance to visit them it is well worth your time. It is very touching to see the nearly 8,000 photos on the walls of all the little ones they have brought home to thier forever families.
I would be happy to share some of these photos for those of you that can not get to CCAI in person!