Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Then and now....

Four posts in one day, that has to be some sort of record right??? I really want to be a better blogger but I just don't get to it. Someday maybe.

Anyway I was so struck by the amazing growth of Maddie and Karis in one year I just had to share. This is what love does...

China sister reunion

We had the opportunity on Saturday to drive down to see one of Maddie's China sisters. Maddie and Karis shared the same orphanage when they were in China. It is such a blessing to know that she has someone in her life from her first weeks in China. We feel like it is such an important link for Maddie to have. Karis is blessed with an amazing family and we are so delighted that we were able to spend the day with them. Karis's mom was unable to travel to China with us so it was an amazing moment for me to finally meet her. We would have had a great time together in China! As you can see from the photos my girls enjoyed loving on all the kiddos.

Fun with cousins....

We had a wonderful time visiting with my cousin and her family in Denver last weekend. We enjoyed shopping at IKEA and the mall, swimming at her great rec. center and hanging out watching the kids play. They were very patient with Maddie and all her climbing and exploration, that child can climb anything.

Full circle....

We had the opportunity on Friday to visit our adoption agency in Denver. I really wanted to meet Beth and show her our precious Maddie. Many times over our 5 year wait Beth was there to support and counsel John and I. She was always honest, kind, and understanding. I was so excited when she was the one to call with our referral of Maddie. She will always have a place in my heart and going back for a visit with Maddie felt like we had gone full circle.

We had fun posing with the statue, it's hard to believe but the last time we were there when we were waiting, Kenna was the same height as the statue. It was fun to see all of the staff and find Maddie's orphanage on the map.

Friday, February 03, 2012

{One Year Ago} - Referral Day

One year ago today at 12:11 p.m. the phone rang with the most amazing news of our baby girl waiting in China. I still get teary when I remember Beth saying "Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby girl" It is so amazing that a year has passed and she is here with us after waiting so long. She has changed so much from her serious referral photo. After the flurry of the call, I of course printed off a dozen copies and posted them all over. When I would come down first thing in the morning I would stare at that sweet little face. It was so hard to be so far away from her, yet after so many years being so close. I will treasure always this special day.