Friday, October 30, 2009

41 Months and it's not about us...

As we were carving pumpkins last night, our adoption came up as it does whenever we are doing something as a family. J asked, do you think our daughter will be home next year for carving pumpkins. I said yes, which of course my girls have to add, you say that every year. But, you know it really got me thinking that it is not about us, it is about following Gods will and his timing.

Then about an hour later during dinner M made a comment that adoption is not as painful as giving birth. I had to argue with her on that one, it may not be a physical pain with delivery, but it is an emotional pain. I know that God will use it for his good, its just hard to go through.

I also wanted to share a great link go here and read why its so hard to adopt. And then pray for all that God has called to adopt and those he is still calling. One of J and I's biggest motivators early on to pursue our adoption was to be an example, a light, so that others may follow us. But, that is hard, because after watching us wait for 41 months, who would willingly go through this. I have even had someone come up to me and say, "we thought about adoption, but after watching how long this has taken you, we decided against it." That was a difficult to hear. We have tried really hard to remain optimistic and upbeat, but I think in our society of instant gratification the true meaning of waiting on God's timing is sometimes lost.

Anyway, we are now 41 months closer to our daughter.